Friday, July 08, 2005

Week in Review

Some posts from the week, in case you missed them:

- "All Creatures Great and Small" (7/4), on a running battle between man and nature on Long Island.

- "Death of an American Hero" (7/5), my brief tribute to Admiral James Stockdale.

- "More on Abramoff the Outrageous" (7/6). The sleazy super-lobbyist also ran a restaurant.

- "So Far, So Good ..." (7/6), on the tenor of the Supreme Court nomination debate so far.

- "Fred Thompson: A Wise Choice" (7/6) - pretty self-explanatory, that one.

- "Solidarity" (7/7), my running updates from yesterday's events in London.

- "G8 Summit: Success, or Less?" (7/8), in which I caution that we shouldn't make perfection the enemy of progress.

- "SCOTUS Watch: Retirement Speculation Rampant" (7/8), running commentary from all the (non)events of this afternoon/evening. I'm still keeping an eye on things this evening though, and will continue to do so through the weekend.


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