Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dropping Shoes?

Steve Clemons reports, via an "uber-insider source" that target letters have been sent to those about to receive indictments in the Plame Name Game investigation. Indictments, the source says, will be sealed and filed tomorrow, with a press conference by Fitzgerald on Thursday.

True? I have no idea, but my sources (if I had any) are nowhere near as good as Steve's, so I'm passing along the rumor.

RawStory also notes that their sources say Fitzgerald has decided to seek indictments and will submit at least two to the grand jury (Clemons' source says between 1 and 5).

It's coming, folks. This is not a time for gloating, or cheering, but a time to hold those who committed crimes accountable for their actions. The country deserves no less.


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