Thursday, October 27, 2005

"The Mood"

As the suspense continues to build in Washington and around the country over what (if any) indictments Patrick Fitzgerald will bring in the Plame Name Investigation, Mark Leibovich writes up a puff piece on the way folks in D.C. are handling the anticipation.

The Quag-Miers nomination is certainly playing second fiddle to the gathering indictment storm: her failure to turn in her revised questionnaire by last night's 6 p.m. deadline gets little play in the media this morning. The Senate Judiciary Committee released a statement last night saying they still hoped to recive the document last night.

Jon Stewart will have a great time with that. I can hear it now - now only does she get to take the test again, but she also gets to hand it in late?!

Who knows what's going to happen today - we could finally get some news, or we could get more waiting. I'm afraid if Fitzgerald asks for an extension (the grand jury expires on Friday otherwise), some pundits' heads may literally explode.


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