Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

The Miers nomination is Topic One tomorrow on the shows. Here are the lineups:

Fox News Sunday: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC, Gang of 14, Judiciary Committee) will be on, presumably defending Miers as he has since the nomination. Texas Supreme Court justice Nathan Hecht, a longtime Miers friend, will also appear, as will right-winger Gary Bauer. And then there will be the usual panel discussion.

This Week (ABC): Steph scores the only Sunday interviews with the two top Judiciary Committee senators, Arlen Specter and Pat Leahy. He'll also talk with HHS Sec Mike Leavitt about avian flu. Bill Buckley and Bob Reich will debate Miers (presumably), and Cokie Roberts and George Will will roundtable with Steph.

Face the Nation (CBS): Judiciary Committee senators Chuck Schumer and Sam Brownback will be on. This could be the most interesting go-round of the day, since Brownback has been none too effusive about Miers, and Schumer's always got something to say.

Meet the Press (NBC): Russert will talk with angry conservatives Pat Buchanan and Richard Land (of the Southern Baptist Convention). He'll then roundtable with David Broder, Ron Brownstein, E.J. Dionne, and Kate O'Beirne.

Late Edition (CNN): Iraqi national security advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie will discuss the upcoming constitutional referendum. The Senate whips (Mitch McConnell, Dick Durbin) will be on to discuss the Miers nomination and other matters. Wolf plays the "Ugh Factor" with Pat Robertson, and he'll also talk with two former attorneys general (Eric Holder, Dick Thornburgh). CNN's switching the time around, so the show will now air at 11 a.m. Eastern instead of its usual noon. Set your alarms/TiVo accordingly.


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