Friday, November 18, 2005

More Abramoff Sleaze-Tales

As part of the ongoing Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearings into the dealings of uber-sleazeball lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cronies, the head of what media reports describe as a "pro-business environmental group" was hauled before the committee yesterday and subjected to a thorough grilling courtesy of John McCain and Byron Dorgan.

Italia Federici, the director of the "Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy" (which actually does the opposite) told the committee she "believed Abramoff's tribal clients had donated $500,000 over three years to her organization because they were generous, not because they hoped she would help them thwart efforts by competing tribes to open casinos."

Ha. Ha. Ha. And if you believe that, McCain and Dorgan have a brand-new bridge in Alaska to sell you. Heck they'll even name it for you!

The NY Times describes the hearing as "hostile," and the LA Times adds that McCain "grew so angry with Federici's interruptions of his questions - and at what he said were her unresponsive answers - that he twice threatened to find her in contempt of Congress." At issue are a number of email exchanges which blatantly depict donations by Abramoff's clients being solicited in exchange for Federici's influence with Interior Department officials on behalf of those clients.

Said McCain "Any objective observer would see that there is a clear connection between contributions to your organization and work that you would have been doing on behalf of Mr. Abramoff with the Department of the Interior." Dorgan added "I come from a really small town, but I think I can spot a pretty big lie from time to time."

The committee is expected to issue a report on its findings early next year, and if current trends are any indication, it should be quite a read.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Polunatic said...

These people have contempt for just about everyone (including the suckers who give them money).

I'm trying to put some of the pieces together at my blog:


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