Sunday, November 13, 2005

Short Takes

- See, I always knew daylight saving time was more trouble than it's worth! Just ask the people of Indiana! This Monia Davey piece from the NYT outlines a current struggle there over just what time it really is.

- Some new poll numbers on the president's status within the GOP and moderate/conservative attitudes in general. Notes that among self-described "moderate Republicans," Bush's approval rating fell 24 percentage points from August to November (Congress' approval rating dropped 22 points during the same period). Much more here if you like polls.

- George Will makes the case (or tries to) that under certain conditions, we could see a very interesting race in 2008: McCain v. Feingold.

- Since it's about the city I'm currently calling home, I wanted to mention this LATimes piece on Boston and its mayor, the newly-reelected Tom Menino.

- Oh, and Drudge is reporting that "Meet the Press" could get real interesting this morning: he says Dean is refusing to appear on the set, arguing that he only agreed to back-to-back interviews with Ken Mehlman, not a "debate." The show's not on until 10:30 here (after I have to go to work) so if anybody has a 9 a.m. air-time and wants to fill in the details of this, feel free!


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