Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All Sorts of Revelations Today

- Turns out when those oil company execs said before Congress last week that their companies hadn't met with the Dick Cheney energy task force back in 2001 (or that they "didn't know"), they were a little off the mark. The Washington Post has obtained a White House document showing that in fact officials from ExxonMobil, Conoco, BPAmerica, and Shell all met with Cheney aides during the debate over the compilation of an energy policy in the spring of 2001.

- Bob Woodward testified to the Plame leak case grand jury yesterday that he was given the name and CIA identity of Valerie Plame by a "senior administration official" more than a month before her identity was publicly disclosed, in mid-June 2003. In a statement, Woodward writes that he testified because his "senior administration official" source "went to Fitzgerald to discuss an interview with me in mid-June 2003 during which the person told me Wilson's wife worked for the CIA on weapons of mass destruction as a WMD analyst." Wilson says he talked to a total of three senior officials about Plame: this one, another unnamed, and Libby.

Somebody's turned state's evidence (presumably Karl Rove, but could be anyone I suppose). And clearly someone in the Administration is ditching documents to the newspapers as if heaving extra ballast from a sinking ship. What more will we learn?


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