Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

Quite a variation of topics on tomorrow's shows, except for an attempted four-show-run by one Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense. Here are the lineups:

This Week (ABC): Rumsfeld on Iraq, etc. Also Ted Koppel, Joe Klein, Martha Raddatz, Fareed Zakaria, and George Will.

Face the Nation (CBS): Rumsfeld. Also Senators Richard Lugar and Chris Dodd of the Foreign Relations Committee, with Elisabeth Bumiller of the NYT joining in the questioning.

Fox News Sunday: Rumsfeld, followed by Senator Joe Biden. The panel this week will be Paul Gigot, Bill Kristol, and Juan Williams.

Late Edition (CNN): Rumsfeld's fourth appearance. Also former Powell chief of staff Larry Wilkerson, former defense official Richard Perle, former senator Bob Kerrey, and three former CIA officers.

Meet the Press (NBC): Russert lost out on Rumsfeld, but scores the only interview this Sunday with Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania. They'll also panelize on bird flu preparations.


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