Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

A few interesting names this week, plus the usual suspects. Here are the scheduled guests on tomorrow's political gab-fests:

This Week (ABC): The House and Senate campaign committee leaders will be on to dissect this week's elections and the implications for next years'. They are Senators Elizabeth Dole and Chuck Schumer, and Reps. Tom Reynolds and Rahm Emanuel. Steph will roundtable with Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, and George Will.

Face the Nation (CBS): Possible '08 contenders Senator John McCain and Virginia governor Mark Warner will guest. The NYTimes' Elisabeth Bumiller joins in the questioning.

Fox News Sunday: Senate Intel Committee leaders Pat Roberts and Jay Rockefeller will discuss the investigation into prewar intelligence. Possible '08 contenders NM Gov Bill Richardson and AR Gov Mike Huckabee will also guest. The panel will be as usual.

Meet the Press (NBC): Jordan's King Hussein will discuss the terrorist attacks in his country this week. And RNC Chair Ken Mehlman will "debate" DNC Chair Howard Dean.

Late Edition (CNN): National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley will headline. Roberts and Sen. Carl Levin will also appear. Huckabee makes a second appearance along with, you guessed it, possible '08 contender Tom Vilsack from IA. Wolf will also chat with Ahmed Chalabi, former Powell chief of staff Larry Wilkerson, and the Jordanian foreign minister.


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