Thursday, March 16, 2006


A few of the best things I've read recently from around the centrist corner of the blogosphere (and beyond):

- "Moose Heaven" from The Bull Moose. A great post on the John McCain and Joe Lieberman receiving the Henry [Scoop] Jackson Award for Distinguished Public Service. From the citation, "Joe Lieberman and John McCain embody the qualities so valued by Scoop - unshakable integrity, the ability to stay the course against the odds, and a willingness to cross party lines to get the job done."

Adds the Moose "While both John McCain and Joe Lieberman are loyal to their party, they put truth first. McCain has stood up to some in the GOP on such issues as campaign finance reform, climate change and torture. Joe Lieberman has been a lonely voice in his party in refusing to concede defeat in Iraq. At various times, their positions have earned them the ire of the left or the right or both. But, who are the other politicians who are brave enough to sail against the wind even at the risk of political consequences? And what courageous stances have their critics taken to give them the moral standing to excoriate these statesmen for insufficient devotion to party, principle and country?"

- "Fighting the Weakness Within" at Maverick Views. Alan Stewart Carl discusses the current leadership vacuum: "
In times of great strife America has often been blessed with great leaders. Where are those leaders now? Where are the men and women who can combine candid yet powerful rhetoric, decisive yet competent action? Where are those with the strength of character and force of will to reject the divisive games of petty politics? Where are those who know how to unite? ... I do not know what the next few years will bring. But I sense there is a swelling frustration out here. I sense more and more people are growing weary of the charlatan acts of those who claim to lead and inform us. And I hope someone will rise to unite this growing group of honest yet discontented Americans. It is past time for real leadership." Don't miss the entirety of this post, it's fantastic. Amba has more on this topic at Ambivablog, in another great post.

- "Keeping the Crazies in Check" at Balloon Juice. John Cole on the danger of talking points and reprehensible rhetoric. Bouncing off one of Joe's great posts at TMV about the news that Supreme Court justices Ginsburg and O'Connor received death threats last year, Cole writes "If someone were to murder a judge, Tom DeLay and those like him would not be to blame. They would, however, be responsible for years of irresponsible and self-serving rhetoric- rhetoric that is driving me away from the party I have been a member of for 22 years."

These are just a sampling of the things I've enjoyed reading recently; as always, remember to check out the links on the right side of the blog and see what other folks out there have to say.


At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to read the Moose all the time but he started to sound like a one-trick pony. McCain Lieberman, Lieberman, McCain. I like them two but there are limits.

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Matt Butcher said...

I am going to have to check these blogs out. I've been reading your stuff for a while here and like to know where you get your info.


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