Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whitman Speaks

Former NJ Governor Christie Whitman got some ink in the Newark Star-Ledger on Monday, which oddly just happens to jive with the release of her book in paperback. Nonetheless, she's got some important things so say as usual. Speaking of the current state of Republican affairs, Whitman's not optimistic: "We're at a critical point. We're starting to see polls that look just like the polls looked to Democrats in '94."

From the Star-Ledger piece: "She says Republicans must stop their internal bickering and adopt a broader view that allows a less conservative take on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research. She calls for a 'new civility.'

"'The rhetoric is getting harsher, and we're having more divisive elections,' Whitman said. 'We can't just agree to disagree anymore without being disagreeable. ... People see their opponents as not just wrong, but evil.'"

The most interesting part of the article are some comments from former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who's now in charge of Freedom Works, described as "a grassroots organization of fiscal conservatives." Armey says of Whitman's views "There may be something to what she says," adding that the GOP has become "preoccupied by the Christian conservative agenda," to the detriment of "small-government, fiscal conservatives."

I agree with both Whitman and Armey, as might be expected. I'm glad Whitman continues to speak out, and I hope that will continue. One party or the other must embrace centrism and openness ... if they don't, something else will rise out of the rubble they leave behind.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger GraysonBuzz said...

This is precisely what is wrong with the GOP as far as I am concerned. It is dancing with the moderate wing of the party too much and disenfranchising the conservative core. It's like New Coke in the 80s - if I had wanted Pepsi I would have bought Pepsi not Coke. Politically, if I want Democrats, I can vote for Democrats. I want conservatives who will spend less, decrease government, and not harm out traditional values. I do not want guys like McCain and Giuliani. Go ahead, run a moderate=liberal in 2008. This Republican will skip that item on the ballot even if they are running against Hillary. Maybe the abandonment of the party by its conservative core will wake up the GOP leaders. Unfortunately, it might be too late and the Dems could have the House back for another 40 years.


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