Friday, August 18, 2006


Some things to note about yesterday's court ruling.

- It was made by a fairly liberal federal district court judge, and it will be appealed (presumably to the Supreme Court if need be). While even having it declared unconstitutional at this level is a surprising turn of events, the decision could be reversed (and probably will be at least once before all is said and done).

- During the appeals process, a stay has been put in place that allows the program to continue operating. The next hearing on the matter will be held September 7.

- When asked yesterday about what impact this ruling what have on the efforts of Senator Specter to pass a bill submitting the program to the FISA court for a ruling on its constitutionality, AG Gonzales said that he still didn't think that bill was necessary.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Yes I've heard the judge is very far-left. Unfortunately this may cost my party (Democrats) seats in this year's elections. This judge ruled with too much bias I believe and she isn't really ruling against it because of damage to civil liberties. I may dislike Bush, but that should have nothing to do with my judgement on any of his policies that work (very few of them), and the wire-tapping is something I believe we do need. I do think Bush should find a way to go about it in a legal-ish way though.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Heiuan said...

Doesn't really matter if the program is a wonderful thing or not. If it's not legal in this country, you can't use it.

All it would take is bringing an American citizen to trial using information gathered without warrant from within our country's borders. Poof, it's over. Case is tossed out of court and a potential terrorist gets a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Our Constitution ensures that a citizen has the right to see the evidence being used against him. One sharp defense lawyer and the whole can of worms is spilled.

Remember the Ohio marriage law that was passed that restricts "priveleges of the union" to only a married man and woman? It didn't take very long at all for some scuz bucket who beat his live-in girlfriend to use that law to get the domestic violence charge (which carries a hefty penalty) thrown over for simple assault (which doesn't).

The president is NOT above our law. Work within its confines or send the unworkable law back to Congress and get it fixed so that it WILL work.

God, it just frustrates the bejeesus out of me that people don't get that simple fact. If FISA doesn't work, fix it. Don't break the law and have the nerve to tell me that because you're president, it doesn't apply to you. That's just garbage.


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