Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Endorsements

Any regular readers (if I still have any) will almost certainly not be surprised that I'm endorsing John McCain and Barack Obama in their respective contests tomorrow. These are the only two politicians who have ever truly inspired me (McCain eight years ago, Obama now), and while I have policy disagreements with each, I would be happy with either of them in the White House.*

McCain's counterparts in the Republican race do nothing for me, and the tactics used by the Clinton campaign during recent weeks have done little to suggest to me that she can offer this country the change that we so sorely need. There's a reason this election is drawing more young voters than any in recent memory - we want change, we're hungry for inspiration, and we are ready to find our voice. We are sick of "That Can't Be Done" - it's time, at long last, for "Yes, We Can." McCain and Obama offer a hope for practical solutions to the problems America faces, rather than just more of the same.

*If the election were held today and I had to choose between the two, I would vote for Obama in the general election. And I hope I have that chance in November. But I will always respect and admire Senator McCain, and it was for him that I cast my (absentee) primary ballot. Tonight, however, I'll be joining umpteen thousand others at Obama's rally here in Boston.


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous William Swann said...

Very interesting to see folks in the center sorting this thing out and finding the right candidate to back. Three of our four remaining top-tier candidates seem to have some centrist appeal, and two of them (Clinton and McCain) bring the heft of some significant policy heft in terms of advocating policies from the middle.

So who does each of us choose? I just read at Daniel Drezner last night that he's a McCain man. Since he backed Kerry in 2004, that shows his true crossover colors, I suppose. You're an Obama first, McCain second person. A lot of the group of us at Donklephant or Centerfield are going Obama ... or McCain. Fascinating.

I'm still a free agent, myself. But I don't have to pull the lever in a voting booth until March.


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