Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Voinovich: Still Undecided on Bolton

The Associated Press' Anne Gearan has filed this report, featuring comments from most of the Republican Foreign Relations Committee senators who have expressed reservations about John Bolton's confirmation as UN ambassador.

Lincoln Chafee (RI): "I won't deny a lot of the information certainly brings great pause, but I fight the administration on so many issues; this is one of those that I've been with them on - to appoint their team." Chafee told Gearan he will "reluctantly" support Bolton on Thursday.

Lisa Murkowski (AK): "I have more than adequate information but I do want to sit down with Mr. Bolton again." Like Chafee, Murkowski said she remains inclined to vote in favor of Bolton.

Chuck Hagel (NE)'s spokesman told the AP that Hagel's comments from Sunday have not changed, and that he has "yet to learn anything about Bolton that would keep him from supporting the nominee but plans to make his decision at Thursday's committee meeting."

And George Voinovich (OH), perhaps the best hope for those who oppose the Bolton candidacy, said "I'm doing the best I can to get the best information I possibly can so I can make a good decision. If I should decide that I'm not going to go forward and support him I don't consider that bucking the party."

Neither would I, Senator Voinovich. Neither would I. As I noted earlier, Voinovich has the least to lose by voting against John Bolton. And the country has the most to gain. A better choice for the UN, at the very least.


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