Thursday, June 09, 2005

Check out "The Hill"

If you haven't yet read the main articles in this week's issue of The Hill, stop by the site; each of the headline stories is worth a read.

- Alexander Bolton reports that Tom DeLay has joined fiscal conservatives in the House to restructure budget rules, and has instructed appropriators to implement budget reforms.

- Dual profiles by Geoff Earle today of John Thune and Chuck Hagel, both of which are quite interesting. The Thune item focuses on his opposition to the Bolton nomination, while the Hagel piece discusses if there's room for two "mavericks" in the '08 race should McCain and Hagel both jump in.

- Josephine Hearn writes up a meeting by the New Democrat Coalition's congressional members "to plot strategy, determine which issues it will champion and try to generate new ideas for the Democratic Party." The Coalition is made up of 42 self-identified Centrist Democrats.


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