Saturday, June 04, 2005

Making Conservation a Priority

James Brooke has a very intriguing article in Saturday's New York Times, outlining a national government-sponsored campaign encouraging people to "replace their older appliances and buy hybrid vehicles, all part of a patriotic effort to save energy and fight global warming." Japan, with the second largest economy in the world (behind only the United States), must import very close to all of its fuel, so, Brooke reports, they take their conservation efforts very seriously.

The article also outlines efforts taken in other countries (Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong) to decrease energy consumption, while noting that while the U.S. has thus far "lagged behind" in conservation efforts, "even American consumers are starting to turn their backs on big sport utility vehicles and looking at more fuel-efficient cars in response to higher gasoline prices."

Let's hope that's only just the beginning.


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