Friday, July 22, 2005

Roundtable on Roberts

There have been a tremendous number of excellent articles written over the past couple of days reviewing/attempting to discover the record and philosophy of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. I'm not even going to try to put together a comprehensive list, but here are a few of those I've found particularly useful, instructive, or just interesting.

- Roberts Reviewed is a muti-day roundtable on Roberts at Slate, with entries by Viet Dinh (law prof at Georgetown, former assistant attorney general for legal policy 2001-2003), Cliff Sloan (publisher of Slate, former clerk to Justice Stevens, Supreme Court litigator), and Dahlia Lithwick (Slate editor and Supreme Court commentator).

- "A principled conservative," by Scot Lehigh in today's Boston Globe. This is far and away the best single piece on Roberts I've read so far.

- "Clues on how Roberts might act on high court" by Warren Richey in today's Christian Science Monitor. Also from today's CSM, "Ideology's high profile in hearings" by Gail Russell Chaddock is worth a read.

- "Bottoms Up" by Jeffrey Rosen in yesterday's New Republic. (No link, unfortunately).

- "The Nominee as a Young Pragmatist" by Jo Becker and Amy Argetsinger in today's Washington Post, as well as "In His Opinions, Nominee Favors Judicial Caution" by Adam Liptak in the New York Times. From yesterday's Times, "Court Nominee's Life is Rooted in Faith and Respect for Law" by Todd Purdum, Jodi Wilgoren and Pam Belluck.

- Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer's take on Roberts, from today's Washington Post: "Roberts's Blank Slate."


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