Thursday, October 27, 2005

Politicians and Blogs

The Christian Science Monitor has a good article today on how political leaders are reaching out (in most cases) to blogs as a new way to get their message out - or, in some cases, are even starting their own.

Just this year when we've seen former Senator John Edwards guest-blog at TPMCafe, Senator Barack Obama engage in a heated debate over at dKos, and the Republican Study Committee invite in a bunch of bloggers for a press conference (covered well by RedState). And those are just a few I remember.

Of course even smallish blogs like this one aren't off the radar screens - you'll remember my own recent e-interview with Rep. John Tanner, and I hope as we move forward to be able to provide more things like this. Blogs can provide an important way to reach out, even if those who typically read them may already be politically engaged to a large extent. I don't the blog trend is going away anytime soon, and it's good to see political leaders recognizing their potential.


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Sam Nicolas said...

Fame (yes, 15 minutes worth) and fortune (someone may actually click on a well-placed Google Ad) await the blogger who can deliver timely, NEW AND ORIGINAL information, well-researched and documented, that is in high demand.

For the rest of us, we blog so we can remember who we are and what we really think ... oh, and I suppose also so that we have a good reason to get up in the morning.

From the Middle,

Sam Nicolas


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