Friday, March 17, 2006

Boehlert to Retire

This is a sad day indeed.

Boehlert's statement is here. Some words from it will suffice to show us why his career has been of tremendous importance to the centrist cause, and why he will be missed so sorely:

"My manner of representation and voting record of more than two decades has earned for me the label of moderate.

I’m proud of the label, fervently believing that the overwhelming majority of thinking people reject the extremes of the left and right.

They find stalemate unacceptable and want us to sort out our differences and find common ground. As I see it, that personifies a moderate.

As events of the past year in Washington has documented, this has been the 'moderates' moment.' There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that our influence has expanded and our moment has been extended.

A few years ago, Congressional Quarterly, the highly respected, non partisan magazine, conducted an extensive review and analysis of the records and performance of all 535 of the Representatives and Senators. The magazine then developed a list of 50 of the 'the most effective Member of Congress', honoring me among them as a 'centrist' who works to build consensus.

The magazine went on to say of the group 'they exemplify skills and behaviors that help them accomplish their goals.'

That made me proud."

Sherry, you've made us in the great Leatherstocking region of New York and centrists of all party labels around the country proud for the last twenty-four years. We will miss you more than you can know.


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