Monday, March 05, 2007

Comptroller on "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour"

If you missed Steve Kroft's interview with Comptroller General David Walker on "60 Minutes" last night, I urge you to read it. Walker, who's currently on what he's calling a "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour," is trying to make an important about about the real state of American fiscal policy. "We suffer from a fiscal cancer," he says, "It is growing within us. And if we do not treat it, it could have catastrophic consequences for our country."

As our political leader keep spending away down in Washington without a care in the world, the debt keeps mounting. It's got to stop.

Walker, again: "I don't know politicians that like to raise taxes. I don't know politicians that like to cut spending, but I think what we have to recognize is this is not just about numbers. We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren at record rates, and that is not only an issue of fiscal irresponsibility, it's an issue of immorality."