Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Satire

- The unnoticed addendum to Dean's most recent foot-in-mouth incident. [Borowitz]

- Bush vs. Clinton ... in 2006? [Scrappleface]

- More on Bolton's anger management skills deficit. [Borowitz]

- A bit more on Howard Dean, cause that never ends (he seems to have replaced DeLay in the satire-sphere this week). [Scrappleface]

- What the heck, why not a little public vigilantism? [The Onion]

- Sick, and worthy of more attention that's not satire, but this on Darfur is telling. [The Onion]

- Mark Fiore weighs in on the Supreme Court's medical marijuana decision.

- And from Slate, Daryl Cagle's cartoon collections: "Dean's Big Mouth" and "No Medical Marijuana."


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