Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pryor Confirmed

The Senate has confirmed the nomination of Bill Pryor, voting 53-45. I missed the first part of the roll call, but Democrats Nelson (NE) and Salazar voted for confirmation while Republicans Collins and Chafee voted no. From the count I would guess that two other Republicans voted no, or didn't vote, but I'm not sure who. I'll post the roll call as soon as I find it.

[Update: Roll call's up, here. Slightly more complex than I thought: Snowe voted no along with Chafee and Collins; Jeffords and Murkowski didn't vote. -- 5:07 p.m.]

[Update: The Griffin and McKeague nominations were approved this evening, 95-0 and 96-0 respectively. They had been held up by the senators from Michigan, who withdrew their objections. -- 5:57 p.m.]


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