Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Satire

- Andy Borowitz takes on the leaky White House in "Unnamed White House Official Denies Leak," and expresses doubt that the Administration is capable of conducting a multi-front war at this time. Also, Judy goes to Gitmo.

- The Rove/etc. story has taken over Scrappleface this week. They've got pieces on New York Times desecration in an American prison (yes, it is a first-hand account from Judy Miller), "Rove Resigns Over Ignorance of Plame's Name." They also report that Joe Wilson has been sent on a presidential fact-finding mission to identify the person who leaked his wife's name. And just this morning, after the latest Rove news, word that President Bush has fired Rove ... and replaced him with Robert Novak. Said Bush "Bob Novak knows what's going on in Washington better than his predecessor did. He's the one who told Karl that Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife was a spy. People talk to Novak. He's a regular Oprah Winfrey."

- The Swift Report discusses the use of "litmus tests" to determine the next Supreme Court justice, and a recent statement by Florida governor Jeb Bush, in which he blames Hurricane Dennis on, yes, Michael Schiavo.

- The Onion offers a Pulitzer-worthy report on the little-noticed march of 800,000 shirtless, shoeless people to Washington. The protesters are demanding equal-service rights from restaurants and stores.


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