Friday, July 15, 2005

Week in Review

A few of this week's posts, in case you missed them:

- On Monday, I credited the Washington Post with doing a fairly good job of laying out the centrist case on the Supreme Court nomination in "WaPo on Target," then highlighted the Centrist Coalition's position statement on the same issue in "SCOTUS Watch: Centrists Speak Out."

- In "WH Press Corps Gets a Spine Transplant," from Monday afternoon, I examined the new-found willingness of White House press to ask tough questions, when they found their voice on the Rove affair.

- Tuesday afternoon I wrote on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's effort to weaken a bill to expand funding for stem cell research, in "Frist Will Attempt Stem Cell Bait & Switch," linked to an NPR interview with centrist author John Avlon about role of the middle in the Supreme Court debate, and discussed the state of world non-action over Darfur.

- Later Tuesday evening I discussed a boost of support for redistricting reform in the House, in "Blue Dogs on the Scent," the latest installment of my 'Redistricting Watch.'

- Early Wednesday John Bolton snuck back into the news, following a Washington Post article suggesting he would accept a recess appointment if offered, and that if confirmed, he intends to spend most of his time in Washington. Needless to say, I was none too pleased about that.

- Following news that the Senate's Gang of 14 would meet this week, I wrote up a long piece on their efforts and their role in the nomination/confirmation process, which also touched on the state of White House consultation efforts with the Senate. Following the Gang's meeting on Thursday, I discussed that here last night.

- Today's main effort was the inaugural post in the newest feature: 'Governed by Children Watch,' in which I took the Senate to task for some really childish behavior yesterday.

I'm off now to catch up on some reading (I have a pile of articles about two feet high I need to get through). More tomorrow morning, I'm sure.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger cakreiz said...

You cover a lot of ground. Don't know exactly how you manage to be so prolific, reasonable and informative, but it's appreciated.


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